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At the beginning of the establishment of Baojian Lighting, it promoted the original intention of Baojian, namely, "Producing quality products with quality and quantity, and insisting on being a good person"! This is also the definition of Baojian Lighting. The first sentence is about the requirements for products: quality and quantity; the latter sentence is about the requirements for character: Persevere and believe! An enterprise can only be recognized by customers and become a brand if it does a good job of products and character, and only maintains the quality of its products, and at the same time persists in accordance with this standard.

At the beginning of its establishment, Baojian Lighting positioned the company as a "safety brand for engineering lighting applications"! Most engineering lighting products have drawing requirements, design requirements, and engineering environment requirements. Therefore, their configuration is different from conventional circulation products. How to become a reliable brand for engineering lighting applications? Baojian has always been in accordance with the highest standards in the industry, its own R&D core configuration and the accumulation of engineering field experience. We only refer to the best companies in the industry, and we use the most cutting-edge configuration for the accessories of the products. Therefore, for many years, Baojian has been trusted by new and old customers, and they feel that the application of Baojian lighting products in engineering is more assured and relatively reliable! Baojian has a good reputation in the industry for being a real person and being honest, insisting that credit is more important than gold, so it has always been recognized by new and old customers.

Do not forget the original aspiration, forge ahead, Baojian will continue to make better products in accordance with its own corporate requirements, better serve customers, better service projects, and better create new value for customers!

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